These links are updated as necessary. While reviews are flattering, I feel the best way to find out about my guitars is to hear from a current player. The Gear Page is one place to read about us; better is talking to another owner. Many of my clients are happy to receive email or phone inquiries from interested players. Call or email me and I'll set you up.

Improv and Jazz Elite Review in German Grand GTRs magazine

Recent review of the Improv and Jazz Elite in a German Guitar magazine. For those not fluent in German, Here's a translation by Scott Fields, a client who lives in Germany (links to Facebook).

Jan-Feb 2018 Issue of ToneQuest

Check out multiple articles on Chuck and some recent projects - including "The Best 4-String Bass Ever Made!" Click to download the articles.

2015 ToneQuest Report Article

In the March, 2015 issue, ToneQuest returns to take a look at 16" Archtop Anniversary Model #1 and a new Contoured Legend Special. To read the article, click here. (Fair warning... you'll want to order one now!)

Spring 2013 Guitar Connoisseur Interview

Chuck is interviewed in great depth about CP Thornton Guitars by Jesse Ian Hopkins. Click here.

2011 ToneQuest Report Article

ToneQuest revisited CP Thornton Guitars in the April 2011 issue to review the Legend. A photo of The Legend also appeared on the cover of the issue. The extensive six-page article covers the guitar in great detail, with loads of photos and background info, and concludes in part that “if we needed to cover the broadest range of styles and tones, we’d pick The Legend.” Click here.

2007 ToneQuest Report Feature Article

The August 2007 issue of the ToneQuest Report featured an in-depth review of our guitars, accompanied by a biography of Chuck. TQR is an amazing magazine that includes no advertising in the issues, instead relying on subscriptions and their website. David Wilson, the editor of TQR, has given us permission to post a PDF of the issuefeaturing our guitars on our website. In addition to the wonderful article on us, the entire issue is fascinating. We encourage our readers to go to the TQR website and consider buying a subscription. It’s well worth it.

The Gear Page Online Discussions

The Gear Page is an active guitar and amplifier discussion group where users post messages, reviews, and pictures of their gear. Some Cp Thornton Guitars discussion: Forum Search Term: Thornton Thread: Thornton Guitars! Thread: Ed Hamilton's Semi Grail Quest Thread: CP Thornton 10th Anniversary Thread: CP Thornton Blues Queen and Legend Thread: CP Thornton Classic Thread: Recent short Steely Dan interview Thread: CP Thornton Professional Review