My guitars are made for people who appreciate the finest things in life, for people who groove on the feeling of holding an expertly crafted instrument, for people who love to play music. Celebrities and pros play my guitars and love them, but I don’t want to make you sound like someone else. I want to make you sound like yourself. Here are a few of the notes I’ve received over the years…

The TS 10 is a work of art and exquisite craftsmanship. The aesthetic concept has unique appointments designed by Chuck, but is destined to become a classic. When you recover from admiring its extraordinary appearance, you pick it up and find a well-balanced instrument which proves comfortable to play standing or seated. Plug it into your amp and the Big Single Coil provides a clean, centered sound with tonal balance at every part of the fingerboard and with the low notes voiced as they should be for a jazz guitar. The neck-through design essentially eliminates feedback. I have enjoyed using it in every setting from solo work to big band. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your talent with us. Alan

Chuck, I just realised that I had not updated you (i thought I had). Anyways, got back to Melbourne, the guitar arrived fine. Not a scratch. What can I say – after nearly a month, your (my) classic is now my number 1 go-to guitar. And I don’t say that lightly either. It is also my sons go-to instrument. I guess the highest accolade I can pay your craftsmanship actually came from my son – he said “dad, this guitar inspires you to play more and push your skill level”. I now have two other fine guitars, a PRS Custom 22 and a Ron Kirn Signature Strat which have not been out of their cases for a month. The 12″ radius, the Infeld strings, the feel of the neck, those Lollar pickups, the attention to detail, that finish, in combination with my Tone King Metropolitan tube amp are the absolute best combination in my 25 years of playing. By all means feature this testimonial on your website. I shall send you some pictures too should you wish to use these. Thank you. Peter

Chuck, I received the Professional yesterday and really must applaud you on your efforts. The guitar is simply beautiful and the fit and finish is second to none. What really sold me though was sitting down last night and plugging it in. I can’t remember the last time I just sat and played for hours without any purpose or reason other than just for the fun of it. It plays so effortlessly and the tone is flawless. I guess the highest compliment I could give you is that the guitar inspired me, for the first time in a long time. I’ll be using it for some light recording and a show next weekend and I must say, I can’t wait to see what comes out of it next. I’m sold, I’ll be back for more. Thank you, Sean

Now that I’ve spent a few hours with my Jazz Elite, I can tell you that I think it’s absolutely great. The tone is lush and gorgeous. And – here’s something I REALLY love – in any pickup position and any tone control setting, the sound is very similar to all the other sounds. It’s one big tonal family. This is just the opposite of lots of electric guitars with multiple pickups. On my ********, for example, when I switch to the bridge pickup, it’s like I’ve switched to a completely different guitar that clashes with the same guitar with the neck pickup on. I hate that. With the Jazz Elite, I can randomly switch pickups and tonal settings (and where on the strings I’m plucking), and I get sounds that are totally compatible with each other. It’s not like the bridge is “tele-like”, but not really. And the neck is not archtop-like, but not really. They are all Jazz Elite, pure and simple, with various moods and colors to choose from. My theory about how that happens is that the basic character of the tone is supplied by the body of the guitar, not the electronics. The fine, transparent electronics merely let different parts of the vibrating string/body complex come to the forefront. It’s just great. Oh, and just to top it off, it looks beautiful, and it’s comfortable to play. I’m extremely happy with it. Not coincidentally, I brought 3 of my solid body electrics to ****** yesterday. He’s going to do a setup on them and tell me what they’re worth. I don’t think I need them any more, but I might keep them to give to my nieces when they get a little older. They all have an interest in the guitar. One of them – Alex – is in high school and has started taking lessons. If she sticks with it, I’ll probably give her one. I have one favor to ask of you. While it’s all fresh in your mind, can you write down all the information about the electronic components you used? You told me on the phone, but it’s all Greek to me. If I decide to keep some of the solid body guitars, I’ll have ******* replace all those components with what you used. I was amazed, by the way, at how great the tone and volume controls work on the Jazz Elite. You were absolutely right – every setting is beautiful. This is unlike any of my other electrics. So that’s it. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much for putting in all that extra work into the electronics. It was worth it. You should probably just make that level of quality standard for all your instruments. They’re worth it. I’ll be in touch as I things of more things to say. I wish you all the best with your enterprise. You deserve it. Thanks again, -Don C

Chuck, I haven’t had nearly as much time as I’d like to spend with it (kind of a crazy time of year) but I am head over heels in love with the guitar! I was telling George (cc’d here) that every time I open the case I catch my breath, and although the color of the guitar with the western maple top ended up different than what I was expecting I must admit that I now like it more than the eastern bursts. Doesn’t hurt that my wife really likes it too! I was a bit embarrassed describing my amp collection to George-until he told me what he has! So far, I have tried the Blues Queen in my Dr Z Carmen Ghia (18 watt-EL84′s), my blackface Deluxe Reverb, blackface Pro Reverb and a brown Super. They all sounded good however the Deluxe and the Pro are absolutely stellar. The 12 inch speakers seem to be the perfect match. Every time I plug in I forget that it isn’t a solid body and I’m surprised at the hollow body tone. Never having owned a P90 guitar I am reall impressed with the warmth and clarity in the neck position. I’ve always loved that out-of phase tone in the middle position of a Tele and the Blues Queen seems to have that in spades. And of course the bridge pickup snarl when things are cranked up is very inspiring! The clarity and individual string definition when playing chords is incredible. Like a lot of players I’ve spent quite a bit of time assembling a pedal board to help shape my tone. The problem is that now all I want is the Blues Queen plugged straight into a cranked up amp! I still have yet to try my Super Reverb and a couple of old Princetons (brown and tweed). I’m hoping that over the holidays I’ll be able to spend some serious time with it but it didn’t take long to confirm what George has been telling me for a couple of years now-CP Thornton guitars kick ass! Paul M.

Just a quick note to let you know that BQ is absolutely the nuts! To my surprise, it is absolutely the best Jazz box anyone could ever imagine. I’m leaving the GHS strings on for a 12/27 Jazz gig and will try a set of D’Addarios after that to see how much brighter they will sound. When I was playing the BQ at home, I felt something tapping my gut. I turned off the volume and it was still there: the guitar is so alive that the notes actually move the back enough to physically ‘punch’ you in the stomach! Amazing… I know this is sick, but I really want to order a second CP Thornton guitar already! All the best to you guys for the holidays and thanks again, Gian W.

I am sure you’ve heard this before, so indulge me. Everyone that sees my guitar for the first time cannot believe the workmanship, detail and tones that it produces. I never use a pick and I believe it lends to greater versatility. Peace, David L.

I have just returned from an extended session with my band in my state of the art, climate controlled, professionally designed GAS member endorsed recording studio (the guest bedroom where I have a Fender G-DEC next to the bathroom with a toilet that gurgles). After about an hour of insulting various Blues musicians, trying some new stuff and being asked to “turn that mess down” I realized I had played only two of the many top shelf guitars in my CCPDGASMERS guitar vault, a C.P.Thornton Professional and a sleek jet black Fusion by the same genius builder. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this Fusion more than any new guitar I have ever owned, the Professional keeps getting better as I get better acquainted. I find myself in an unenviable situation that dictates the sale of several very nice guitars including a couple of John Suhr’s works as well as a couple of Terry McInturff’s killers. While trying to figure out what to sacrifice I still can’t help but trying to figure exactly what the Blues Queen I want to order should look like. Bruce T.

I received the guitar on Thursday, the day after you shipped it, and wanted to wait a couple of days before responding. It’s the perfect guitar for me. After playing it a while, I took some time and tried to imagine what a better guitar might be for me, and I couldn’t. The weight is perfect (light as a feather and not neck-heavy), and the playability surpasses anything I’ve played. It has a very balanced tone, with perhaps an emphasis on the mids that I’m assuming comes from the spruce top. The volume is balanced all the way to the upper-most registers, which is remarkable – I’ve not owned a guitar that sounded this nice at the 19th fret. I enjoy playing it very much, and look forward to the instrument “breaking-in”. The pickups you recommended are also right for me. That being said, I’ve been mostly playing it unamplified these first couple of days. The guitar’s fit and finish, and tight tolerances are greater than what I expected. The way the fretboard lays on the on the instrument is something. What I didn’t anticipate is how pretty the instrument is – pictures don’t do these instruments justice. You were right to recommend darkening the wood on the other side of the top binding. It has an almost purple-heart look to it that blends well with the rest of the honey finish, and I love the look of purple-heart. You should consider making this an option, as it must have been a huge PITA to finish. There are some very subtle lines on the instrument that I didn’t notice at first, like the fine lines running the length of the fingerboard on the low and high “E” strings. And the binding that butts up against the purple-heart. Thankfully, my search for a semi-hollow archtop comes to an end. Thanks so much for this instrument – it inspires me to improve my musicianship. Todd L.

I got the guitar yesterday, and got to play it late last night… it is amazing, and I do love it… you do fantastic work, I am very happy. My wife and daughter gave this to me as a 50th birthday present, and they are happy as well – both because I love the guitar and because it is drop dead gorgeous. Thank you very much, I hope to call you in the future to order another – maybe a Blues Queen (I love P-90s) or a Fusion… but first I have to sell off a bunch of lesser guitars. But for now, I am going to enjoy my beautiful Elite. Best regards and happy Holidays, David S.

I received my guitar yesterday and my whole office screamed in delight – it is gorgeous. I PLAYED my guitar yesterday and I have to tell you that it is the nicest neck I have ever played. My favorite guitar hands down is a ’91 Gibson Les Paul plus top – and this guitar has a nicer neck than that. I played for an hour last night – with an amp – family and kids all running for cover…and it was heaven. There are so many subtleties with your craftsmanship – the wood binding, the acoustic pop, such a bright tone…my desire to play the guitar is renewed and my drive to get better is turbocharged. I have a bolt-on Nash Tonequest Telecaster with a crummy neck and poor nut/fretboard placement – and your words about the value of your instruments are crystal clear! Loving it! Looking for a good year despite all the negativity – and I’ll be back. Thanks, Tom C.

Chuck: the guitar is a masterpiece. I haven’t plugged it in yet, but I’m about to in a few hours….still at the office. It is stunning, STUNNING!! Can’t wait to hear it Chuck…..I’ll call this afternoon……. thanks my friend! Bill S.

I have been a player for 44yrs. I’ve had a Gibson SG Special, Les Paul Deluxe, ES 335, and a Fender Strat. Currently, I own two Paul Reed Smiths, which have been my main guitars for quite awhile now. All of these are well known for their respective tones. I recently purchased your Blues Queen. Why? The picture of it on your website is quite nice, but suggested to me that it SCREAMS tone for days! So, I took a chance. The picture, though nice, doesn’t do it justice. I received the guitar today, and I’m still looking at it! (LOL!) First off, its beautiful. The classic lines, the black finish, matching headstock, cream soapbars, and gold hardware, simply exquisite! Now, the fact that this is a hollow body, though minus the F-holes, gives it a wonderful acoustic sound without the amp. I could have stopped right there, but oh no! Dudes and Dudettes, this is a guitar that is surprisingly versatile! You think, P-90′s, oh its just single coil. Play with the controls a little and you can coax jazz sounds by rolling back the tone controls. Blues, of course is not a problem, hence the name. Tone controls all opened, pickup selector on bridge pickup, crank your gain/distortion, and you can get metal! I’m playing through a Mesa Boogie MK III, which has an excellent distortion channel. I originally wanted to pick up the guitar rather having it shipped, therefore not buying it sight unseen, but that fell through. Needless to say the guitar arrived perfectly. I can’t say enough about the tones coming out of this guitar. As a guitarist, tone is an ongoing search, but one must have that one guitar. Because, the intimacy a guitarist shares with that “one” guitar is unlike anything else. A guitar doesn’t say; “not tonight, my strings ache”! Chuck, and all, I thank you for delivering that one guitar. A fews days later … Having just bought a Blues Queen, I need to say one more thing; The neck carve at the heel is to die for! The most comfortable I’ve ever played! The neck through on an archtop is genius. That is innovation! Ok, I guess that amounts to four things. Now you make a three pickup version? I guess its time for a sister… And again …The more I play my BQ, the more I find out about her. The control layout not only makes sense, but is within hand reach. Isn’t that supposed to be the point? Finally, someone gets it right! Regarding the pics? Chuck, I must say you’ve got some of the most luscious finishes I’ve ever seen. Its like walking along the buffet table; I’ll have a little BQ with a light tobacco, sandwiched between a gold top, and black, finishing off with a BQ GT 3P/up. Yummy! Dave A.